We trade virgin hair and remy hair. All hair virgin hair comes from Brazil, Argentina and China, and we obtain it directly from women who sell it to us, whereas all remy hair is bought from local agents or in specialized markets in China.

Nowadays, many companies sell wigs allegedly made with “Brazilian” hair, but one can quickly tell, by their cheap price and appearance, that they are not. Brazilian hair is very expensive, its texture is uniquely delicate, it is thinner than Indian and Asian hair, and it is obtained from natural brunettes and blondes.

Note: virgin and remy hair are not one and the same thing. Virgin is hair that suffered no chemical process and which strands or filaments remain in its natural direction because it was cut from its donor and kept this way (roots to tip, all strands). Remy (from the French “remis”, ‘remettre” or put back) refers to hair which strands or filaments were originally not in the same direction but inverted (most times because it is was obtained from the floor), and have now been put back into its natural direction either by manual or machine labor. Virgin hair is of a superior quality than remy hair, even if this remy hair has not undergone any chemical process.